Hi, i'm shani

I’m a UX/UI and product designer


Creating a responsive and inviting website for a pr company

Creating a shopping app for a fashion store, that includes a second-hand marketplace.


product design

Designing & “colouring” apps & websites. Finding right elements and colours for the product, and reaching to the persona in the best way possible.


Making a comprehensive research, doing a A/B testing, and getting to know the personas/pain points. With that, creating the UX wireframes.


web building

Building and maintaining websites with WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP. Backend and frontend management.


Prototyping and making micro animations for an easy, smooth and peaceful experience. It’s the final touch that makes it a playful experience.

my cv

Work aside, who am i?

Hi, my name is Shani, I live in Tel Aviv and my passion is design!

I have 20 years of experience in graphic design, 10 years in web design, and 5 years in web development and web mastering.

I  like all things sparkly, true-crime, cats and Taylor Swift. Yes, that’s quite a contrast. 


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